Chalk Dust Clouds, first prize winner in The Ontario Poetry Society’s Golden Grassroots Chapbook Award. Filled with school supplies metaphors, this 19-poem collection dares to ask: “Did Eve drop…/the polished apple into Newton’s lap?”. To be published by Beret Days Press.

JUDGES COMMENTS: “Original and creative language…Overall, I found this to be brilliant poetry…it [the manuscript] rose to the top early and I kept going back to it time and again” — Becky Alexander, Contest Judge.

Check the list for other contest winners.


This image does not necessarily reflect the cover of the final product: Chalk Dust Clouds by Debbie Okun Hill


Drawing from Experience, shortlisted for the Big Pond Rumours 1st Chapbook Contest.  A chapbook of 15 art- and ekphrastic-themed poems published by Big Pond Rumours Press. More info here.


First draft of a new collection of poems focusing on pioneer and rural crafts has been completed and is percolating/waiting for revisions. Several poems have already received minor awards. Research and writing made possible thanks to the support of The Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve 2013-2014 program.

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Beneath Ash Canopy, a collection of tribute poems focusing on the ash tree and how the invasion of Emerald Ash Borers is changing the Canadian landscape.  Several polished poems circulating and submitted to literary magazines.  Manuscript revisions continue. Not giving up! Will be seeking a publisher who appreciates the natural landscape. Special thanks to the support of the Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve 2012-2013 program.

MINDSHADOWS: A Canadian Poetry Anthology featuring poetry by 81 members of The Ontario Poetry Society and focusing on themes confronting those times and events which plague our thoughts: Swallowing Confusion, The Night’s Not Long Enough, Casting Shadows, and Drinking the Light. Edited and compiled by Debbie Okun Hill. Illustrated by Elana Wolff and Katerina Fretwell. Beret Days Press, 2015, ISBN 978-1-926495-14-9 See foreword here.

Available soon from Beret Days Press!

Published by Beret Days Press!

Tarnished Trophies, an 88-page collection of sports themed poems, published by Black Moss Press  as part of its First Line Poetry series,  2014, ISBN 978-0-88753-528-4

Tarnished Trophies (Black Moss Press 2014)

Published by Black Moss Press!

“In these well-crafted, wide-ranging poems, Debbie Okun Hill introduces a variety of athletic disciplines, as well as touching on the seasons of both humankind and those of nature. Her poetry encompasses the joy of winning and the despair of defeat. Cheers and tears. But, always, the judicial use of original metaphors makes this collection a rewarding experience for the reader: There’s gold to be found here. Go for it!” – Norma West Linder, Author of Adder’s-Tongues.

For 2015 tour dates, check here.

EnCompass I, a 75-page anthology featuring the work of Canadian poets Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews, Debbie Okun Hill, Bernice Lever, Lynn Tait and Jan Wood; Beret Days Press, 2013, ISBN 978-1-897497-73-9

Published by Beret Days Press

Published by Beret Days Press


Another Trail of Comet Dust: Poems Pulled from Earth, The Stanza Break Chapbook Series #43, Beret Days Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1-897497-53-1 24-pages

Published by Beret Days Press

Published by Beret Days Press

Swaddled in Comet Dust: A Collection of Award-winning Poems, The Stanza Break Chapbook Series #27, Beret Days Press, 2008, ISBN 978-1-897497-10-4 24-pages

Published by Beret Days Press

Published by Beret Days Press


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