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The Journey Starts Here…

Actually the journey started long before this blog ever existed, long before there were blogs, or personal computers or even my own personal manual typewriter. Maybe it even started before I could hold a pencil. I don’t know. All I know is that after all these years on the literary road towards finding a “real” publisher, I have a signed contract in my hand and a poetry manuscript that is inching its way to the designer. Spring 2014 is a long way away but there is much work to be done including the task of creating a website in preparation for the BIG day.

So this is my first blog post. Try to be patient with me as I fumble along, constructing, destructing and refining this website over the next few days or weeks.

Some may ask, what’s with that title Kites Without Strings? Do you really want to know? I lifted it from one of my unpublished chapbook manuscripts, a small collection of kite themed poems that is still circling the orbit for a home. (And before that, if my memory serves me correctly, it was suggested to me by one of my writing workshop buddies who happens to be the resident ‘title’ expert.)

And since I’m recycling the title, I might as well dust off the poet’s statement that I wrote back in 2009:

Like a kite, string tangled, stored in a layer of dust on a basement shelf, we can often find ourselves buried in our surroundings, losing sight of our inner spirit sun-dancing beyond a closed curtain. Our attachments…our detachments…these common threads of polar spools (some stationary, some flying, the pulling and releasing of butterfly emotions), help us to navigate through various seasons and cycles. For me, writing and reading poetry releases magical words, these imaginary kites without strings. Snapshots of love, loss, and healing take on a life of their own, elevated by metaphors of cleansing and flight: our tangled and untangled journey through light and darkness. I invite readers to break free…have fun…view the world from a different perspective.