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Kites Without Strings is a labour of love. What started out as a home to keep track of literary events happening around me evolved into a showcase first for southwestern Ontario writers and then for other Canadian writers who were doing remarkable things. Some of the blog features focus on well-named established wordsmiths. Some of the articles highlight unknown individuals who are just starting out or who are working hard to promote literary activities within their communities.

After five years of blogging, I feel I need to set some guidelines!

YOUR STORY: The stories I could share on my blogpost are endless so please understand that there are times I will have to say NO to your suggestion. I wish I could promote all writers but there are times when I need a break, to read for pleasure, or just work on my own material. Sometimes I may say YES but things come up in which case the blog post will be delayed. Remember this is supposed to be ‘fun’ for me!

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GUEST POSTS and FREELANCE ARTICLES:  I do not make any money blogging nor can I afford to pay a freelance writer to write for me. At times, I have accepted outside feature posts or reviews written by other writers on a volunteer basis. Pitch me an idea if you like but please keep in mind this is a blog for writers and readers interested in Canadian writing. The acceptance rate is almost nil as it still takes me time to post the images and to promote it on social media. You must catch me at a weak moment.

REQUESTS FOR BOOKS REVIEWS: I love to read books (mainly by Canadian authors and/or poets). Time permitting I will post a short review or rating on Goodreads. However, I am selective when it comes to posting a review on this blog.  Reviews take a huge chunk of time to prepare and if I’m busy working on my own material, reviews are placed on hold. At the moment, my list of books I WANT to read is about two or three years long.  If you have a new book and are planning a launch in Ontario, let me know and I will happily add it to the event section of my blog.

EVENT POSTINGS: If you have a literary event planned for a location in Ontario, Canada, please feel free to share it with me on my contact page. Because I follow many Canadian publishers and writers on Facebook and Twitter, I often see events listed on their pages and will make note of them. However, I have been known to miss a few. I try to update the listings as least once a month, often more frequent that that. It really is the luck of the draw.

FREE SPEECH and MY RESPECT FOR OTHERS: The views expressed in Kites Without Strings are mostly my own but there are times, especially when interviewing or quoting other writers, that the opinions may not necessarily reflect my own beliefs. I do feel that as a blogger, it is important to share a diversity of views and to be respectful of other opinions even when they may differ to my own. I believe, an open mind pulls us closer to understanding each other.  However, one thing I will not tolerate is excessive use of profanity.


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*Note: updated February 2, 2019

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